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Catamaran Tuition

Catamaran Tuition Rutland WaterRYA Catamaran tuition, we offer both RYA Structured courses and personal coaching, on either our dart 16 or on your own boat, for beginners through to club racing.

We also offer a Catamaran Endorsement, this course is designed as a conversion from mono hull to multi hulls boats.

We understand that 1, 2 or 3 hulls makes no difference, they are all sailing boats that can be enjoyed by sailors. Catamarans are just the same, you just need to use slightly different techniques.

Catamarans are a more stable platform compared to a dinghy, but they will capsize if heeled over too far or pitch-pole if bow buoyancy is overcome. Because they are stable and light weight catamarans offer fast and exhilarating sailing and can be great fun.

Fewer clubs offer training to learn to sail catamarans inland, because their high speed and lack of manoeuvrability require a larger area of water.  We are lucky at Rutland Water that we have the largest man-made lake in Europe as for you to learn on.  Allied with our expertise we can give you sound training in an enjoyable environment.

The RYA believes that it is important that you should learn to sail a catamaran properly and take a suitable RYA course to make sure that you have the necessary skills. There are not many catamaran qualified instructors and most sailing clubs being unable to offer this type of training.

Adult Sailing Tuition Prices

About Rutland Sailing School

Rutland Sailing School specialises in dinghy and catamaran sailing which means we are able to offer the best possible training and instruction. The professional staff, trained by the Royal Yachting Association offer everything from introductory sessions, to personal tuition sessions in your own boat.

We use a variety or boats from Fusion, Laser, Topper and RS, to offer the best possible boats for our clients, to learn in. whatever your ability we have something for you.  

The facilities are shared with Rutland Sailing Club and provide all clients with the excellence both on and off-shore, with opportunity to learn in a friendly club atmosphere.

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